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Our Brands

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Established in 2018, we brought high standards together with traditional methods in our 2700 m2 factory for the production of halloumi; the most important export item of Cyprus. We started this journey with the aim of blending modern production processes with the old traditions of halloumi production. Today, we offer a wide range of halloumi, anari and fresh cream to our consumers with the vision of "Halloumi, Same as Before".



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It is the first industrial facility of ARUN, a brand in flour production, which was started to be produced in 1958 by the Ahmet Raşit family. ARUN, which started production with the machines brought from Italy, has been with the workers for more than half a century.



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PINAR gives endless confidence to its consumers by directing its work with a consumer-oriented approach and never compromising the quality it offers. Offering products that are a source of health, taste and innovation to consumers since its establishment, Pınar has been a "Spring of Life" for millions of people for generations. This fountain of life was born, grew and developed based on three main elements: "Health, Taste and Innovation..."



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Türk Tuborg, which has a striking history in the Turkish beer industry in all categories and has close cooperation with Carlsberg for more than 17 years, is one of the biggest players in the Turkish beer market with its international partnerships. Türk Tuborg was established in İzmir-Pınarbaşı in 1967 and since 1969, it has been engaged in beer and malt production in its İzmir facilities, as well as the distributorship activities of the beer brands it imports from abroad.



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Koroplast, which comes to mind first when mention to garbage bags and kitchen auxiliary products and is the first choice of Turkey; It continues to lead its sector for 40 years years with its innovative products and solutions developed according to needs and expectations, making life easier together with its motto "Easier Together". Koroplast, which introduced the Turkish consumer with a garbage bag for the first time in the 80's, Today, it has a wider product range with the addition of products such as Aluminium Foil, Cling Film, Zipper Bag, Oven Bag, Baking Paper, Microwave Steam Cooking Bag, Fresh Keeping Freezer Bag and Cleaning product.



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"Food Safety" First

For Şenpiliç, "food safety" comes first. For this reason, it takes care to offer "healthy and reliable white meat" to its consumers in all processes from production to distribution.



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Kavaklıdere Winery was established as Turkey's first private sector wine producer in 1929 by Cenap And in Kavaklıdere district of Ankara. Gradually, Kavaklıdere Wines has become a well-known wine producing brand of the country due to wine production equipment brought from Europe and the contributions of valuable wine experts. Nowadays Kavaklıdere Wines are developing the forgotten indigenous grape varieties of Anatolia in their vineyard which are located all over Turkey, as well as offering international grapes with the Anatolian terroir impact.



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Fora selects high quality olives from the best olive growing regions of Turkey. Olives, which come to Ant Gıda facilities as they are collected, are processed with traditional recipes and advanced technology and reach the tables hygienically with their delicious taste.



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A perfect combination of quality, centenary traditions, care for every detail, and established passion for "eating well": Italian culture without rivals for gastronomy and pastry has always been one of the key symbols of the excellence of Made in Italy. Stories to tell, a journey through our land to rediscover the flavours, tastes, and customs of the Italian way of life distinguish all the Maestro Massimo lines. With 6 product lines, a proposal of rare completeness ready to arrive and attract lovers of Italian culture in all its expressions, the proposals of Maestro Massimo want to be the protagonists. Maestro Massimo is the Italian spirit around the table with its most amusing and evocative expression.



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Fresh'n Soft Baby Care, Personal Care and Daily Care categories are increasing its product range with the slogan of the best for you. In addition to wet towels and wipes for baby and daily use, it offers antibacterial wet wipes and products for women's make-up and genital area cleaning, and deodorant effective post-perspiration cleaning. Apart from wet wipes, it brings you hygienic and practical solutions with breast pads, sweat absorbent sheets and baby care products.



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The “Mendix” Wet Towel Travel Package, which comes to the rescue of users who care about their personal cleaning and hygiene and who feel young and young, meets your daily cleaning needs without harming the skin.



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Established nearly a century ago, "Pereja İleri Kimya Sanayi A.Ş" produces soap, shampoo, body lotion, personal care and cosmetic products, as well as scented care products such as cologne, perfume, room and fabric spray. "Pereja İleri Kimya Sanayi" is one of the leading companies in the Turkish cosmetics industry, producing its products in accordance with international standards without harming human and environmental health.



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